Pinning the Qualification insignia for the Staff qualified officers was held at Defence Services Command and Staff College under the patronage of Maj Gen GVDUA Perera RWP RSP USP USAWC M.Sc.(Ind) M.Sc.(USA) NDU-CT(USA) psc(SL) psc(Ind), the Commandant DSCSC on 15 July 2015. The academic and the Staff qualified officers of the permanent staff were pinned the new insignia by the Commandant and the Chief Instructors of the DSCSC.

All Officers of the Army, Navy and Air Force who have successfully completed and obtain ‘Pass Staff College’ status from a recognized Defence Services /Army/Navy /Air Force Staff College in Sri Lanka or abroad are eligible to wear this prestigious insignia.



1. To all officers of the Army, Navy and Air Force who have successfully completed and obtain ‘pass staff college’ status from a recognized Defence Services/Army/Navy/Air Force Staff College in Sri Lanka or abroad.


2. The insignia would be in gold colour.
3. All other drawings will also be gold in colour and the letters ‘PASSED STAFF COLLEGE’ would be engraved on the roundel of the symbol.
4. The length and the breath of the insignia would be 1.5” X 1.5”.
5 kamagra. The miniature insignia should be half in actual size.
6. The insignia with a complete gold background would be awarded to all officers who have achieved ‘pass staff college’ status.
7. The insignia with a silver roundel would be awarded to all officers who have achieved ‘pass staff college’ status as mentioned above and has completed a successful tenure (minimum of one complete course) as a Directing Staff at the ACSC or DSCSC.


8. When entitled to wear the passed staff college insignia, it is to be worn on the right pocket of the uniform shirt/jacket centrally below the flap of the pocket and in the right lapel of the mess kit jacket immediately below service identification badges and above any qualification badges.


9. The eight pointed star is the same as in the rank insignias of the Army and the Navy, which also depicts the Lotus Flower in other insignias. The shape of the star denotes the shining character among the officer corps. The sword which is the same as held by the lion in the National Flag represents the officer corps of Sri Lanka Armed Forces. The quill pen or the ‘panhida’ represents the professionalism in planning and executing. The owl in the center of the badge represents wisdom, which is also the insignia of the Staff College. The entire symbol represent an officer (the sword) when achieved the status of ‘passed staff college’; is a shining star in the Services with competent skills in writing (the quill pen: enhanced aptitude on staff work) and wisdom (the owl).


10. The recipient has the privilege of wearing this insignia on his uniform whilst serving and in the civil jacket on retirement.

psc badge

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