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     ‘Hash Run’ is one of the main team building events and an entertainment event conducted by the Defence Services Command and Staff College. “Hash Run” of DSCSC Course No 12 was held on 29 September 2018 with the participation of officers and families of the Student Officers, Faculty and the Permanent Staff, under the patronage of Major General J R Kulatunga RSP ndc psc, the Commandant DSCSC. 

     The event was assisted by “Colombo Hash House Harriers” and, was filled with merry making events. The trail for the run (approximately 4 Km) was laid by the Sponsor Directing Staff with the assistance of Colombo Hash House Harriers which consisted of several false trails. At the completion of the run “circle” at the Officers’ Mess was an enjoyable one with a lot of music and dance.






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