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Chief Instructor

Cmde M M H Gamage RSP USP psc MMaritimePol Di in CR












Directing Staff

Capt (ND) P S De Silva USP psc MSc(DS)Mgt MSc(D&SS)
Head of the Training Team (HOTT)
Capt (E) HK Dassanaike USP psc BSc (DS) Mar Eng (Hons) MDS MPA (PIM - USJ)
CEng (SL) MIE (SL) CEng (I) MIE (I) MCPM
Capt (ND) A A A R Abeysinghe RSP & Bar USP psc Msc (DS)
Mgt BSc (DS) Mech Eng PGD in IR MIM(SL) 
Capt (S) A B R A De Silva RSP & Bar USP psc MDS SSAC CDO Dip in IR 
Cdr MDK Wijewardena
Capt (H) MDK Wijewardena WWV RWP RSP &Bar USP psc (DS)
Capt (SSD) H N S Perera RWP psc BSc (DS)
Cdr N N R
Cdr (N) N Ranasinghe RSP USP psc BSc (DS)
Cdr Dangampola
Cdr (NP) C V Dangampala Psn Dip in WS (maritime) (DS) 
Cdr IS Bowalawatte
T/Cdr(G) IS Bowalawatte RSP & Bar psc MSc (D&SS) BSc (DS) MTS

Admin Officer

LCdr (C) R A K Dharmawickrama

Secretary to Chief Instructor

Lt Cdr M S Nallawangsa

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