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The State Minister of Defence Visits DSCSC

A Delegation from Nigeria National Defence College visits the DSCSC

Defence Attaché of USA meets the Commandant DSCSC

Defence Adviser of Bangladesh Calls on the Commandant DSCSC

The Secretary of the State Ministry of Defence Visits DSCSC

The Course Picnic of the DSCSC Course No 9

New year in Sri Lanka (or Sinhala New Year) – ‘Aluth Avurudhu’ usually falls on either 13th or 14th April every year. According to Sinhalese mythology, the New Year begins when the sun moves from Meena Rashiya (The house of Pisces) to Mesha Rashiya (The house of Aries). Sinhala and Tamil New Year or Aluth Avurudu rituals begin with observance of Nonagatha (inauspicious time). People go to temples and perform religious rites to receive the blessing. The most important custom during this period is to offer betel to the parents and elders and to worship them. It is considered as a token of love and gratitude.


DSCSC celebrates the New Year festival at the College premises just before the termination of the Term 1 with the participation of all Officers, Other Ranks, Civilians Staff and their families. The festival  consists of mostly by the traditional games and rituals. All members of the DSCSC take part in, as much  of traditional games, wearing National dress and enjoy eating the traditional food laid out for them on this special day. A Student Committee is appointed to organize the New Year festival at the College.


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Maj Gen G V D U A Perera 
M.Sc.(Ind) M.Sc.(USA) NDU-CT(USA) psc(SL) psc(Ind)



Brigadier Coordinating
Brig A L P S Tillekerathne

Army Wing - Chief Instructor
Brig G D I Karunarathne
RSP psc

CI Navy

Navy Wing - Chief Instructor
Cmde (C) A A R K Perera  
USP psc BA (DS) Hons MDS Dip. in Coun AMPC

Gp Capt Thuyacontha

Air Wing - Chief Instructor
Air Cdre H S S Thuyacontha 
WWV RWP and Bar RSP MSc (Def & Strat Stu) psc

Our Aim

To develop the professional knowledge and understanding of selected Student Officers from the Three-services, Sri Lanka Police, Friendly Foreign Countries and other Public Institutions in order to prepare them for appointments on Command and on Staff, whilst imparting knowledge on government procedures and other public sectors. 
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Our Vision

“To be an institution preparing today’s emerging leaders to meet the defence and security challengers of tomorrow with interdisciplinary defence skills that best serve the Tri-Services, state sector, and societal security needs at large”.
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Our Core Values

This College adopts concept of learning organization as a platform for the institutional and individual development based on Ten Core Values.
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